Hatha Yoga is an art and a science of practical living open to all people. It is a system which restrains the energetic fluctuations within the human system which fetter the mind and distort recognition of the natural state inherent in all beings.

Hatha Yoga optimises health and well-being in a most energy efficient manner, and can be practised at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels at any stage of life. While not the goal of Hatha Yoga, consistent practice increases mental clarity, energy levels, and develops robust health and fitness Рall of which are the foundations of a healthy, happy and creative life.

With the sound guidance of a teacher, Hatha Yoga provides a thorough structure for individuals to cultivate deeper awareness and greater freedom.

The teacher exists simply to guide the student through the terrain of the human system, of which Hatha Yoga provides practitioners with exceptional maps to work with as a means to realising presence.

In the heart of Carlton, Matilda Tehan has the good fortune to work with students to establish a practice which is a tool for unveiling the natural state inherent in all that is.

Yoga pose