Non-Residential Private Tuition


Please read the expectations required of students wishing to undertake Private Tuition as spelled out on the Contacts page. Same conduct applies to all students in regards to all Tuition.


These Courses are conducted at Mangala School of Yoga, located at 73 Grattan Street in Carlton.



•  9am –  7pm   WEEK DAYS

Students who undertake Private Tuition Courses of two or more lessons per week may attend Group Class Courses free of charge.

Single Student Tuition Fees per Week :

• One Lesson per Week : $120.

• Two Lessons per Week : $100 per Lesson.

• Three Lessons per Week : $90 per Lesson.

• Four Lessons per Week : $80 per Lesson.

Multiple Student Tuition Fees per Lesson :

• One Student : $120.

• Two Students : $95 per Student.

• Three Students : $90 per Student.

• Four Students : $85 per Student.


Private Tuition Courses run for Five Weeks and must be completed within the allocated time frame.