Residential Individual Asana Courses


The benefits of yoga are best realised when yoga is adapted to the individual.

However, only those with some sense of discriminative intelligence – and therefore prepared to undertake the requirements of the discipline – will be considered for private tuition courses.

Those who are unprepared will be directed to group class courses which cultivate discernment.

Private tuition is currently available in two Course formats: Residential Individual Asana Intensives; and Non-Residential Private Lessons.

Please visit the Non-Residential Private Tuition Page for information relation to these Courses.




For discerning individuals intent on learning the Way. Five Intensives offered per year. Students accepted by Application only.

For all Applications please contact :  


Residential Intensives involve:

• Daily Yoga Tuition : specifically prescribed for the Individual. These Courses establish and cultivate Personal Practice, the aim of Yoga.

• Constitutional Tuition: According to authentic Hatha Yogic Tradition. (Not to be confused with Ayurvedic or Siddhic Medicines; Tradition Chinese Medicine; Western Medicine. Or anything else for that Matter).

• Directed study. Prescribed specifically for the Individual.

• Organic Satvic Meals provided Daily.

• Accommodation in the Intellectual Heart of Melbourne.

• Satvic living without the spinning.

• $200 per Day. Seven day minimum.